Green Global Group is committed to be one of the most established leaders, reliable and efficient Facilities Management Company providing bespoke services to our clients throughout the regions. We are further committed to provide the most comprehensive services for our clients through a professionally operated system and highly motivated manpower.

Green Global Group will achieve these aims through the operation of an Integrated Management System. This addresses the following key items developed in accordance with local and international standards.

  1. Maintain and keep records of Quality Management System in accordance with international standards, regulations and directives;
  2. Establish, improve and realize the quality policy, measurable objectives and plans;
  3. Define responsibilities, authorities and communication process within the organisation and all of its business undertakings;
  4. Allocate and manage resources appropriately including human resources, infrastructure and safe working environment;
  5. Execute activities which comply with client requirements, applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and related international standards;
  6. Ascertain that all employee(s) is trained, competent and aware of their roles in providing good client service;
  7. Ensure that acquired products or materials form suppliers are effective, safe and reliable to use; and out-sourced services are of consistent and sufficient quality;
  8. Measure, analyze and improve the Management System through Management Review Meetings, Internal Audit, Client Satisfaction Assessment, Control of Non-conformances and Performance Evaluation.

The Top Management is committed to ensure the implementation and continual improvement of the Quality Management System as compliant to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

It is the policy of Green Global Group to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the public; and to conduct all activities in an environmentally responsible manner. In addition, it seeks opportunities to improve the local environment and the communities in which it operates. This approach will generate and sustain significant environmental, social and financial benefits, thereby contributing to its objective of sustainability.

Top Management shall ensure alignment of business strategies and its operations with this Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy and confirm the commitment of Green Global Group to:

  1. Conduct business in compliance with all applicable Environmental, Health and Safety laws and regulations, legal and other requirements, and regularly assess the compliance of our operations against these requirements.
  2. Develop and strive to achieve the set of EHS goals and targets to maintain standard EHS Systems in support of this policy.
  3. Setting of clear objectives and responsibilities for EHS performance across all levels of the organisation;
  4. Provide sufficient resources, training, equipment and controls to assure a safe and secure working environment, and prevention of injuries and ill health.
  5. Fostering positive health and safety culture throughout the organisation;
  6. Strive to continually improve the EHS performance by utilising cost effective proven best practices that protect employees and the environment, by focusing on air, land, water, prevention of pollution, conservation of natural resources and biodiversity.
  7. Ensure a safe environment and protect the health and safety or our employees and public through the implementation of this Environmental, Health and Safety Policy, which will be monitored through regular measurement on EHS aspects.

Green Global Group is committed to ensure that all employee(s) comply with EHS Policy and set of procedures.